Wednesday, 23 July 2008

1 Week On...

It has gone so quick,the last week.
I'm still in bed with the laptop,but much,much better than I was,yesterday was a bad day,I felt a bit down & had a lil blub,but everyone cheered me back up again!!!
Through the day,my Mum & Dad have been looking after me,they have been brilliant,esp my Mum.Then at night my Hubby,Paul,takes over & he has been a rock.
I didn't realise just how little I would be able to do afterwards & has been a shock,as I'm usually always on the go!!!
My mum has got me watching Deal Or No Deal,usually my TV doesn't even get plugged in until about 8/9pm!!!!
My bruising is now deep purple & yellow,fascinating to see the daily change,lol!!!
Think I might venture downstairs to my craft desk,later today,I have really missed it.I keep seeing everyones lovely creations & it is sooo frustrating!!!
I just need some sunshine now,to top up my tan!!! The nurses joked,that all patients should go on hols before surgery,so they all look well afterwards,like me,lol!!!!
I just need to be more patient with myself,but it is really hard,slowing down to nothing.
Last night I ordered the new BG Euphoria goodies,so hopefully they should be here tomorrow & get my mojo going.I also went to order the new stamps from Funkykits,but they are out of stock,so waiting now......
Hope I haven't made you all feel fed up!!! & Thanx for stopping by still,will be back as soon as I can :o)xxx


Rach said...

Hi Diane,
sorry that you felt so down is a lot that your poor bod has gone anesthetic has a contributing factor to the blues..(as well as you used to being such a busy bee)..glad that you are a little more cheery today and that you are feeling a little better, though you sound like a rainbow of colours...hehe.
Take it easy,
Big hugs rach.xx

NattyK said...

Diane, it's great to hear from you and good news you are feeling better and being taken good care of. Can't wait until you are back creating again so we can see your cards. Take Care.

Natalie x

Gill said...

Hi Diane, glad you're feeling a bit better today, you're bound to have ups and downs after the op and until you get back to normal, we are all here if you need to chat, to keep your spirits up till you can craft with passion
take care sweetie
lv Gill x

Suzanne said...

keep your chin up girl you will be running in the park with the dogs before you know it!!! Just think about all that guilt free crafting and blogging time stretching out before you. Sue :o)

Queen Kat said...

Hi Diane Just a note to let you know you were featured today on the QKD Bloggers club..

thanks for participating.

Gill said...

Me again, hope your still getting better, I have an award for you when you feel up to blogging
lv Gill x

The Crafty Den said...

Hi Diane, sorry to hear you were feeling down yesterday but really glad that things are brighter today (just like your bruises hehe). I bet it's like torture having to stay in bed for a week, I'm sure you're going stir-crazy. Don't rush back too soon but I am really missing your beautiful creations. Look after yourself and speak soon. Lots of love, Denise x

Frances said...

Aww, hope you're feeling better today Diane, nothing like a bit of cyber retail therapy :) Take it easy and don't try to rush it! Hugs,
Fran x

Anonymous said...

Hi Diane, so glad you're on the mend.. and those off days must be getting you down.. but you are strong and you will get through this ;)

Biggest huggles hunnie,
Marlene x