Tuesday, 10 March 2009

If it's hurtin,it's workin!!!!....

OOOH!!!! I ache today & I feel really grumpy,lol!!!!
I went to my 1st LB&T class & didn't do too bad,once I get my coordination,I will be fine!!!
I went around the equipment afterwards & did some more excercises,I have never sweat as much in my life,EUGH!!!!
My 3 doggies have all had some sort of tummy bug last week & I was woken at 5am with 1 or more of them being sick & needing the toilet.I had to scoop up their bedding & huge hallway rug,ready for me to wash this morning,so I feel all out of sorts now.
I'm back at the Gym at 1pm with a Fitness Instructor,so he can work a programme out for me to follow,I sound like a fitness freak,lol!!!
I will get some card making done inbetween everything else & will post something later,there are a few nice sketches about,so should be easy to whip something up.
Catch you all later :o)xxx


Maria's Cards said...

No pain no gain!! hope it goes well with the fitness program. Hope the doggies are better soon. Maria x

Rach said...

rofl, bless at least you know that what you did has worked, or should i say is working. have fun with your appointment for your fitness program.
i still can't see..lol. so i will have to suffer till my glasses are ready. can't stand not making cards.lol.xxx