Tuesday, 28 July 2009

I got an Award!!!...

How nice of Sharon to think of me when she had to pass this award on,Thankyou,Mwah!!!

I have to choose 5 people now,so here goes,

Kaylou~ A new blogging friend & visists my blog often(& also gave me an award a while back & I totally forgot to post it!,I'm soooo sorry & Thankyou xx)
Liz~Another new blogging friend & owner of Frazzled Crafts.Liz always leaves me luvly comments & has been so kind to me & extra helpful with my orders.
Denise~1 of my 1st blogging friends & a luvly person.
Shelly~Over there in France,has been my blogging friend for a while.
Jilli~As if I could ever forget my mate Jilli-Bobs!!! (She would kill me).I started to read Jilli's blog ages ago & she made me laugh,we are now good friends & VBFBF's!!! ;o)x


The Crafty Den said...

Thanks Diane for thinking of me. I think you were my very first blogging friend and helped me loads when I first started. Thanks again, Denise x

Frazzled Crafts said...

Thanks Diane for the award and thinking of us. Love the pic of your new abode & wish you all the best. Thanks again & hope to meet you 1 day at Harrogate show in September!!! Liz xx

Jilli said...

Thank you so much for my award ... makes me sound like some right thug though lol ... i like the good friends bit too ... its nice when you're upgraded from STALKER! pmsl! Mwah's Jilli-Bobs!

Emma said...

Congrats on your award...well deserved.
Emma x

kaylou said...

Hi diane
aahhh thanks hun....woohoo...
love your new bungalow wow, bet you can't wait now.
hugs Kaylou xoxo