Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Hello...I'm Back!!!...

I can't believe it has taken me 8 weeks to get back online!!!
We are all nicely settled in our bungalow & just adore living here,wow! what a difference to where we were living before,it's sooo peaceful & we have fab views,just bliss.
I have also got a job & work at New Look,part time,so lot's of changes.I like having crafting pennies & my wardrobe is looking fuller,lol!!! I have to take advantage of the 50% staff discount!!!
I hope you haven't all forgotten me,I will be getting round everyones blogs over the next few days.Hope all is well in Blogland :o)xxx


Lorraine A said...

Hi Diane :-) Welcome back !! we missed you !! where are you living now ?? maybe on my next trip home we can get together :-)

good luck in your new home xx
Lols x x x

Natalie said...

Great to hear from you Diane. I am so glad you are settled in your new home and Congrats on your new job too. x

Paula said...

SO good to see you back!!!
glad you are all settled in and loving it!!
missed you lots though

Paula xxx

Frazzled Crafts said...

Well Diane, it's about time! I was gonna email you again but now I can rest assured that all is well. Don't work too hard cos you need the strength to make those fab cards that we've been missing!! Liz xx

Michelle said...

Hi Diane, so glad to hear that you are ok and the move went well and congrats on your new job as well. Nice to see you back :0) x

Sharon said...

Hi Diane
Great to see you back, you've been missed. Glad you've settled into your new bungalow & congrats on the new job.
Sharon x

debby4000 said...

Glad to hear all is well, congrats on the new job.

Els G. said...

Welcome back :-)

Jilli said...

It's about bloomin' time you got yourself back in blogland and Facebook! Do you realise how lonely cyber space can be without your friend to play with?! Nice to see you back honey! Missed ya lots... speak soon, big mwah's Jillix

kaylou said...

h i Diane
great to have you back ... you have certainly been missed in blogland, glad your all settled in.
Hugs Kaylou xoxo

ps does your new wardrobe include shoes , shoes and more

The Crafty Den said...

Hi Diane, welcome back. I'm so glad you're all settled into the bungalow. Congrats on your new job (do new look do lots in pink lol!). Speak soon. Hugs, Denise x