Sunday, 28 March 2010

Home Again...

Hi Just wanted to let you know I'm home from Egypt,but not been crafting.
Egypt wasn't what we expected at all & we won't be going back!The weather was great,but I was v ill after a few days (spent a lot of time in the bathroom!).Paul had to go to the chemist for me & they were going to charge him £30 for a few tablets,but then decided they would accept £20!
We think it was poss the water,they were using tap water in everything,bit naughty!
So it was nice to be home & see the kids & my doggies.
I'm just in the process of decorating my craft room & have started stripping the walls today,the flooring was delivered while we were away,it's gonna be soooo posh,lol!!!
Hope to be back crafting soon :o)xxx


Maria's Cards said...

Hi Diane, sorry to hear about your holiday. My mum, dad, brother, sis-in-law and both nieces went to Eygpt last year and were all really ill too. They spent nearly all their holiday in the bathroom too. Glad your back and look forward to seeing your creations.
Maria x

Eileen said...

Hi Diane,
It would appear that nearly everyone who goes to Egypt gets what my sister calls "Pharoah's revenge"
What a shame to spend so much time being ill.
Take a look at my blog, we have just got back from Tenerife and I broke a tooth the night before we went and then ended up with very painful sunburn!!
PS look forward to seeing pics of your craft room.

Emma said...

Hi Diane
Aw sorry to hear you holiday wasn't good and you were poorly.
I wont be going back to Benidorm in a hurry either...thats not the place for me!!
Hugs Emma x

Debbie said...

Hi Diane, sorry to hear you were so poorly on holiday. Sounds like your new craftroom will be fab. Hope to see you crafting again soon.
Debbie x

Paula Gale said...

Oh poor Diane, I'm so sorry you didn't enjoy... at least you still have the experience of having been there - in a few years, you'll look back and say - can you remember the time... thats whats is important - memories. you might even laugh about the bathroom bit - been there, reminiscing about you know whats....

anyway, glad you back in one peice. Look forward to see the finished craft room and don't forget to provide before and after pics of the whole area. I'm just a nosey B that all...

Thanks for the comments and visits to my blog. Much appreciated.

Paula x x x

Hels Sheridan said...

Aw bless ya hun...poor you, hope you are 100% now..I had the same experience in Mexico..they said "don't eat the salad"...and I forgot..and was ok all holiday til the last night...oh boy, a 12 hour flight home...and a runny bum...not a good combo ROFL
Hey, get you, going posh! cannot wait to see your new room..I will have one soon too...cos we are moving in a cuple of weeks..cannot wait!!! hugs xx

Anonymous said...

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