Friday, 1 April 2011

Is There Anybody Still There...

I'm just seeing if anyone still visits my blog,as I haven't posted in months!!!

I just have no inclination to craft anymore,it's awful,I keep trying to sit in my craft room,but nothing happens.
I have even bought bits of new stash to see if it spurs me on,but still nothing.

I hope it comes back,as I really enjoyed my little hobby & enjoyed blogging.

I might shock you & myself and post something again one day!!!

Take care,

Diane :o) x


Julia Dunnit said...

I'm here! It will come back - jsut when you're in the middle of something else great that channels your creativity, the urge to use aper again will surface. Try baking.. I force fed my lovelies for months during one mojo-less stunt!

Lynsey said...

Hi Diane, hope your mojo returns one day! Take care
Hugs Lynsey x

Chris said...

Hi Diane - I'm here!!! I'm glad you've posted something even if it's not craftie! Next time you have a day off and fancy crafting just give me a call and we can arrange a "play" session. Hope you got your copy of the new SU Mini Catalogue. Take care and hopefully see you soon
Chris xx

juliejules said...

Diane - I am reading!!!! Like Chris says, get over to hers for some crafting times!!! She will"fix" you!!!! Jules x

Eileen said...

Hi Diane,
Yes I am still here.
I know how you feel. Sometimes it is a right effort to make a card but because you have a blog you feel you have to keep up with it. I have just been on holiday and I always find when I have had a break it is really hard to get back into it.
Called in to see you a few weeks ago at the shop but it was your day off.

The Stamp Man said...

Hi Diane

I hope you get back into it again soon, it would be a shame not to continue.

Do keep all your craft stuff safe for now, we've had many people who've come in the shop to say they are starting again and having to buy everything again because they sold it all, and wished they hadn't!!!


Emma said...

Sure hope your craftyness comes back and thank you for your congrats.
Hugs Emma x

Eileen said...

I thought afterwards I should have told the girl who I was - I thought you might be wondering who had been to visit you.
Lovely to hear from you again.
You never know we might get to meet up some time.