Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Has anyone please got?!.....

I tried on Sunday everywhere to get The Mail newspaper cos it had the Oliver music cd in it & everywhere had sold out,I found 1 at the co-op & somebody had stolen the cd :o(
So was wondering if anybody has it & they don't even want it,if I could have it,please?!!! I will pay the p&p & send you some images as payment!!!! :o)
I luv musicals (just in case you hadn't guessed,lol!!!) & I'm still swinging my pants from Joseph,last night!!!! Thanx v much :o)xxx


Suzanne said...

Oh sorry Daine no I can't.. only wish I could help. Sue :o)

Rach said...

sorry Diane we didn't get the paper this Sunday. hope you are successful. hugs rachxx

All Pink girl said...

Sorry babe ,i can not help eather but if i get my hands on one you will be the first to know ,hugs Dawnxx

Jill Jones said...

Hi Diane, one of the patients at work left the Cd if its still there tomorrow i will get it for you. I will send you a message when i get home about 4.00pm
Jill X X

Carolyn Bounds said...

Sorry, Diane. I don't have it:O( I do hope you find someone who does!!


Shelly said...

Sorry Diane, can't help you with this one! Good luck though x

Jill Jones said...

Hi Diane Im really sorry but the night staff had thrown the cd away when i got back to work this morning. I will keep looking and let you know if i have any luck. (I will ask my grandma as i think she gets the mail on sunday)
Jill x x

Jill Jones said...

Hi Diane, Good news i have a Cd for you, my grandma still has hers. I cant pick it up till next Wednesday though due to my shifts at the hospital. She lives in Barnsley and i live in Leeds. If you want to e-mail me
and leave your address, i will post it first class as soon as i pick it up.

Jill x x