Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Thankyou Kim & Linda...

I have been fortunate enough to win PIF from Kim (top pic) & Linda (btm pic),both parcels were fab,Kim sent me images that I don't have & have thoroughly been enjoying using them & then Linda sent me an amazing PINK filled package,WOOHOO!!!!!
OK,the deal is that once you receive a PIF you have to repeat it yourself,soooooooo the 1st 3 people to leave a comment on this post will receive PIF from me,but on the proviso they do the same thing & carry on the PIF :o)xxx


Els G. said...

I still have one to send out to you! So don't know if my entry counts? (hope it does)

Mrs Wonka said...

Me Me Me Me Me Me.........xxxx

Did I make it?????

Mrs W xxx

Anna said...


Kim said...

How cool - you have been doing well! Don't count me in on the PIF btw I just wanted to pop by and say how funny - what you said on my blog about doing a similar card. Isn't it strange how this happens? Anyway enjoy the Pif. Kimx