Saturday, 29 March 2008

I'm Back!!!!

I have just got out of hospital & I'm on here,lol!!!
If you were wondering where I had gone,I was taken by ambulance ,on wednesday night ,to hospital.I had an operation 3 weeks ago & they are not sure if I had an infection,something was stuck,or the op hasn't worked!
Been a long few days,away from my family & doggies!
Feel much better now,got millions of tablets & they are all huge!YUK!!!
I missed my blog,so had to jump straight on here when I got home,lol!!!
Good to be back :o)x


Gill said...

Hi sweetie pie, sorry to hear you've not been well, did wonder where you were. Glad to hear your feeling better and glad you're back
take care
lv Gill x

ink'n'rubba said...

I'm glad you are home safe and sound - and keep taking the tablets!

Anonymous said...

Oooh Diane, how horrid!!!
glad you are back home safe and upto blogging!!

Hugs 'n hugs to you!!

Frances said...

Oh dear, doesn't sound pleasant. Hope you're on the mend now. Take it easy and don't over do it!

Stampingcaz said...

sorry to read that, hoipe you are fighting your way fit real soon!

Andrea, said...

Sorry to hear you've been ill, hope you'll be better soon. Take care