Friday, 21 March 2008

Nothing to show today....

I must have worn myself out yesterday,cos I have not made a thing today!!! I coloured in 2 Tildas so will prob turn them into something pretty tomorrow!
Had to visit a friend today as it was her daughters 12th birthday,then went to do the weekly shop,it was sooo busy in there,people go nuts on bank hols,shops only shut for 1 day,LOL!!!!
I have been playing with my blog tonight,making it look a bit fuller,added some of my fave music,it was fun.
I was excited this morning,I have lost another 3lb,so far that is 1st 13lb,so just 1 more lil lb & it will be 2 stone!!!!!!!! I will be lil twiglet for my hols ;O)xxx


Andrea, said...

We went shopping yesterday and it's crazy. Congratulations on your weight loss. Have a good Easter weekend.

Marlene said...

Whoohoo Congrats on the weightloss Diane :) well done you! and don't you go munching on those easter eggs tomorrow :P

Have a fab easter!!

Marlene x

Gill said...

Thanks for the candy Diane, it was scrummy, congrats on the weightloss, keep up the good work and lay off the eggs LOL! lv gillx

Deb said...

looking forward to seeing your tildas! congratulations on your weight loss, you must be giving it to me lol
have a great weekend!