Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Need your help....

I have my chocolate themed ATC to post later,but 1st of all I have a vwng at 7pm on my house!
I am soooooo exhausted with the whole process.People say how fab my house is but nobody will buy it,we have even installed new interior doors,as it was all open plan & not eveybodys cup of tea!
Sooooo I need you all to wish & hope ( & Pray,if u like!!!!)that tonight this will be the buyer!!!!!!
If you all get ready at 7pm & think it for me,it might work,Lol!!!!
You never know!
Bk later,Adios :o)xxx


FormerBlonde said...

Hi lovey
just letting you know will be thinking good thoughts at 7 for you,, only ten mins away
and sending greetings from a fellow west yorks crafty kind of lady

hope you are ok, and maybe catch up soon

Jo aka former blonde

Diane.W. said...

Thankyou Jo,but was all in vain I'm afraid,they didn't turn up again! :o(
Really nice to meet you,pop bk again soon :o)x

FormerBlonde said...

Hi Diane
so sorry it didnt work out,, its so frustrating when folk dont turn up and you have spent time tidying and mentally preparing

a friend of mine is selling her house and experiencing the same stuff

pop by any time

Jo xx