Thursday, 20 March 2008

Update on house viewing...

They didn't even bother to show up!!!!!!!!! GRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How rude! It happens all the time,they hardly ever bother to turn up,so trying new plan,daytime,accompanied vwngs,only! That way nobody is sat waiting at night.We have given the est agents a few weeks to prove themselves & then we are changing,after 6 months of all of this,we have had enouigh!
Right,thats my rant over!!!!
Been a right busy lil bee today,1st off I made up 3 goody bags for Gill,Andrea & Marlene,who won my PIF Candy,they are on their way to you 1st class!!!
Then I got my creative head on & made cards & took pics of them,in btwn chores!!!
Will rpob plop into bed shortly,cross-eyed,LOL!!!
Speak later,mwah!!!! :o)xxxxx

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