Wednesday, 10 December 2008

New Email Address....

Hello Everyone!!!

Not got anything to show you at the mo (shock,horror!!!),been over to Julies to help her with her SU parcels,her kitchen looked like a Royal Mail Depot!!!We soon sorted it & took them to the post office :o)

Okay! Just to let you know,I have changed svc providers for my internet (you have prob read older posts about the probs in doing so!!!),today my old Tesco account has stopped,so if you have emailed me today,I'm really sorry,but I won't get it.I have changed my email address on my side bar,but if you want me in future,please use
What a carry on,it has halved my phone/internet bill,but we have all said "It wasn't worth it!",so much to do to get it all up & running.
Thanx :o)xxx

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juliejules said...

THanks sooo much for your help this afternoon!!!! Much appreciated my dear!! xx