Wednesday, 16 April 2008

My Car....

Today was M.O.T day for my lil car.I always worry that it won't pass & cost loads,even though it is still quite newish,lol!!! Paul says,it never moves off the drive so should be fine,haha!!!!
The men at the garage always remember which car it is & think it is hilarios!!!!
I was relieved to hear the words "It's passed" Phew!!!!
The mechanic then told me he had fastened all my teddies in the back,so when I looked,he had all my pink teddies that sit on the back seat,all with seat belts on,hahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!! It really tickled me,they looked sooo cute!!!
CRAZY,I know ;o)xxxxx


Monica said...

OMG!! How wild are you? That s one cool little motor, and I had to laugh at your strapped teddies lol. M xx

Frances said...

LOL at thought of butch mechanic guy strapping in all the teddies.

That's one mad car, what does that say about the owner ;D