Monday, 9 June 2008

The Squirrel....

I have to tell you about the poor lil Squirrel :o(
On Saturday,Paul saw it at the side of the rd,but thought it was just busy,but when we went passed about 10pm it was still there,so he picked it up in a towel & we brought it home!
Paul bathed it's mouth as it was bleeding & it sounded really snuffly.
I looked up on the internet,the RSPCA,when I rang I was referred to an out of hours,emergency vet,in Morley,Leeds.They said I could take it along,but not a lot can be done for wildlife.
We wanted him to live,so we got him (we could see he was a boy,ahem!!!!)warm & cosy in a box with a hot water bottle wrapped in a tea towel & set off to Morley (approx 20 miles).
When the vet saw him,she knew instantly he was suffering,as he was gasping,huge gulps,all his insides were crushed & he had internal bleeding,so she put him to sleep :o(
I was ok until she took him away from us & brought my hot water bottle back & then I was off,blarting my eyes out (Again!!!.She said at least we had helped him & he wasn't still at the side of the rd in agony,so that made us feel better.
I know you were all leaving me messages on here,so had to tell you,thankyou for asking :o)xxx


The Crafty Den said...

Hi Diane, I'm so sorry the little squirrel didn't survive but at least you made his last few hours more bearable. I'm the same as you, cry for everything, so I understand. It's good for the soul. Lots of love, Denise x

Rach said...

Sorry he didn't make it Diane, but your kindness still shone through and he wasn't left to suffer at the side of the road...
I agree with Denise.....crying is good for the soul...
Hugs Rach.x

NattyK said...

Poor little squirrel, the vet was right, your kindness put an end to his suffering. x